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Building Bridges, Building Peace: Introducing the Plateau Peace Practitioners Network.

In a world increasingly facing conflict and division, the need for dedicated individuals working towards peace becomes ever more crucial. The Plateau Peace Practitioner stands as a beacon of hope, connecting a diverse range of peace practitioners to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and amplify their impact.

How to get Involved

Becoming a member of the Plateau Peace Practitioners Network is easy! Just visit their website, explore the benefits, fill out the online application, and submit it for review. Once approved, you’ll gain access to resources, connect with other practitioners, and contribute to peacebuilding efforts. Join the network and make a difference!

Our Members & Supporters

The strength of the Network is in cooperation. The Network is formed from an array of actors, including inter-and-intra-governmental agencies, regional bodies, academic institutions, international and national organizations, civil society, and most importantly, religious and traditional peacemakers.

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